This Girl’s Ass is too Hard


I recently started dating after returning back to the country. I met this nice Ga lady in her thirties and things hit off. We recently went to a resort in Aburi to enjoy the weekend and it was our first time being intimate.

Auntie Abena, the problem is that, this lady has assets and I admit it was part of the physical attraction but when we got to actual sex…omg…her ass is so hard! Seriously I am not exaggerating…the woman buttocks is very hard. You cant press it! You can’t catch any feelings. Rock solid hard!

I mean how can a woman with such a big ass have such a hard ass? Things even got worse when she insisted all she likes is doggy style. After two rounds…there was no enjoyment. She too she won’t change position.

I think I should opt out of the relationship. We are both not looking for marriage now or what do you think?

Written by Abena Magis

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