Thoughts on Male and Female Sexual Performance by Dan Boaks

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The problem we are experiencing today with respect to men and female sexual performance is that we fail to accept our differences as individuals. Some men and women are born naturally with big penis and vagina while others are not and we must learn to accept that fact.

As men grow their sexual drive reduces whereas in the case of women, it increases. Most men believe that the harder you can penetrate a woman and stays long that makes you a champion and most women know that is a fallacy.

Most women get satisfied if their partner are good at foreplay. It is important that women help men to know those parts of their body that give them sexual satisfaction when touched. Men should learn to accept the fact that it is not the size and length of a penis that gives women satisfaction and that they need to have patience to play in bed with women.

It is worth noting that some women flow more to accept the male sexual organ and that causes early ejaculation. That is also fine because such women have high libido.

The following increases the sexual drive of men:

1. Regular exercises (ask the wives of most military men)

2. Having enough rest

3. Eating less sugary and bakery food as well as canned foods.

4. Avoid taking sexual performance drugs.

5. Do it with the right partner. (Not everybody is suppose to have sex with everybody. We should understand genetics)

6. Enema and other fruit juice cleansing especially every 30 days.

7. Avoid watching porn videos. (That is not the way sex suppose to be)

8. Learn to communicate issues with your partner and see professional advice if your partner is not happy about your act.

9. Stop overthinking about how you will handle the lady you’re going to have affair with.

10. Avoid masturbation of all forms. Women in general should speak to those partners who rush to the act of penetration during sexual activities. They should also avoid multiple partners to reduce STI’s that bring scent to the vaginal area. It turns men off. If not, they should use condom and avoid taking too much contraceptives.

Dan (Research fellow)

Written by Abena Magis


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