Torn Between – My Crush and My Boyfriend


Please I really need an advice. I met my boyfriend at a friend’s birthday party last year July and just two weeks after, we started dating. Everything was fine but after a month, his behavior changed and he began ignoring me. Sometimes when I call, he won’t answer and if he answers too he’ll just give me some excuse, he’s busy with work and that he’ll call me back but he’ll still not call. This went on for weeks that I became fed up and decided not to mind him anymore.

Now the issue is that, just this New Year I went to visit an old friend of mine. He has been crushing on me 8 years now. He’s dating though but we knows most things about each other and really like each other too. He’s ready to start a relationship with me only if I give him the opportunity. We had sex and some days later my boyfriend called me that he had a feeling I’m cheating on him. I didn’t reply and told him to think whatever he wants.

Days later, I told my boyfriend that I want end our relationship since we were both not ready to make things work. He was like he’s sorry for ignoring me and not making time for me and if I cheated on him I should tell him because he’ll forgive me but I still don’t want to tell him. Just this morning he called me saying he’s sorry and that his mum is back from abroad so I should come and see her but I refused.

1. I feel when I tell my boyfriend I cheated he’ll use it against me.

2. My crush and I have known each other for many years so I want to start something with him since he really knows me, understands me and makes me happy.

3. I feel like I’ll be a bad person if I leave my my boyfriend and that I should give him a chance and explain to my crush because I know he’ll understand.

Auntie Abena I’m confused please advise me.😩

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. You know that you’re having a guy why then having sex another person?
    I don’t buy that idea that you know someone for long so it’s a must that you do something with him it’s wrong. What of the one you are with now? My dear, be with your boyfriend and focus please.

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