Was I Wrong Breaking My Door?


I allowed a lady to stay at my place for sometime. I traveled and left her there but she locked up my house for months.

What the

When I got back, I found out that she’d changed my locks, all without informing me. After I broke the door to gain access to my own place, this is the message she sent me. Never again. But I want to know if I did something wrong by breaking the doors since her things were in the room?

In another story, a gentleman is torn between his older and younger lovers. He says:

Hello auntie Abena, I really like your page and really follow some of the posts. I have a problem and need help ASAP. I am a guy in my mind 20’s but in love with a woman who is older than me. Now I’ve met another woman on FB who is also in her early 20’s. We became friends and later had a one night stand.

I blocked her after that I’m other to be faithful to my woman ( the one older than me) but after some months, I unblocked here and we’re back chatting. I’m having mixed feelings now. It’s like I love the 2 woman and don’t want to lose any of them. Please help me out on how to go about it?

NB: The older woman I’m staying with at the moment is my first love and has been there for me since but she uses her age sometimes to question my orders. The second and younger girl however is very humble and doesn’t question me. She’s also second good in bed.

Written by Abena Magis


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