Was I Wrong to Refuse His Friendship?


Thumbs up for the good job. I will like to know if I did well by not accepting to be my ex’s good friend after our break up?

My boyfriend broke up with me just this Thursday. His reason being that I have mood swings so he can’t continue again but we can be good friends

Auntie Abena, this gentleman came into my life and I know that he was God sent, because I realized that he has all the qualities I have being praying to God for. I genuinely love him with all my heart and everything in me but the latter part of August we had amisunderstanding but settled it.

After some time, I realized he kept withdrawing himself from me, so I asked him if he still loves me. He asked why am I asking him that, and I informed him about his withdrawing himself from me. The answer he gave me was he is praying to God to find out if I’m the right person for him.

The duration for the prayers is three months, so we should distance ourselves during this period. I asked him what prompted him for this long prayers and he said my mood swings and other stuffs. I asked him to tell me what the other stuffs are but he said no.

Fast forward, the deadline of our three months prayer was November ending. I asked him to tell me the outcome of his prayers but he kept giving me different dates. I decided not to ask him again.

Auntie Abena to be frank with you, although our relationship wasn’t all that rosy, I truly loved him with everything in me and I can’t stand anywhere to say any bad thing about him.

On the 17th December he called to tell me that he can’t continue with this relationship again because after our three months distancing he thought he will see a positive outcome. I asked him that how will he see anything when he said we should distance ourselves which we did?

I just wished him well in finding his perfect girl who will never be annoyed with him and also asked him these few questions:
  • Have I ever disrespected you?
  • Have I ever disturbed you with money issues?
  • Have I ever cheated on you?
  • Have I ever insulted you?

All his responses were big no.
So I thanked him and wished him well even though I’m down and my heart is into pieces. What he said was we should be good friends but I declined.
I don’t know why 2020 has been unfair to me. I lost my job in April and lost my Love in December… Why me?
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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Awwww swthrt take heart is not easy but you will sail through no matter what ,good stiffs ahead of you,what is it you haven’t seen before you are abig girl you know ,don’t let this issue weigh you down cox you are a master to your own situation, instead proove to all and sundry that you can fight on ur own without him ,he is been unfair yes! But trust me he is done you good ,one day he will regrets and you will smile ,stay blessed

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