We Can’t Be Together But She still Wants Me Back


Thank you for the good work you have been doing all this while. I met my ex during my national service days at one of the prestigious universities in Ghana. She was kind-hearted, God fearing and respectful. We became friends for a while and later lovers. We had the relationship going on through ranks of time. There were good moments and the crazy days as well.

After my service, I started my real estate business of which she supported with any help she could lay her hands on, both emotionally and physically while I took some part-time jobs as well. She was then in the third year. During the fourth year we begun talking about marriage and the preparation thereof.

Before then, I introduced her to my family and I knew her siblings as well. So both families were all waiting for the day we will formerly inform them of our plan. Auntie Abena, my ex suggested that we should do the needed test and the one that brought the relationship to a close was the SICKLING TEST. We found out that we were both carriers.

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In fact, that day I was sad but can’t compare mine to my ex. She cried the whole day so I had to stay with her throughout until the following day. A week after, she missed her menses and the unexpected happened. We went back to the Doctor who carried out the test and he advised we get rid of the baby. I wasn’t comfortable neither was she but we had to.

After everything we sat down, talked about it and decided to part ways. We became friends until she told me she had found someone. I on the other hand used all my energies to focus on my business and opened up other businesses as well. Just recently, she started texting me here and there, asking that we start a casual relationship because she claims it is difficult to forget about me. Auntie, to be sincere I do miss her a lot but I don’t want to ruin her life and mine as well. I am also afraid to go out on a date.

Now I am stable and all my businesses are doing well. My mom is worried about me for not marrying her and she doesn’t understand why we had to part ways after all the explanations I’ve given her. She believes I might attract a gold digger who will never truly support me. Auntie I am very confused and afraid at the same time. I need advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. U being carries doesn’t mean your first will be a carrier,always first children re ok n healthy n the rest of the children will ve the sickle cell if u love her and ready to give birth to one then don’t throw ur wife away

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