We Rejected Our Father


My mother was 17 years old when she gave birth to my brother and I (we’re twins). She was raped by her elder sister’s husband. My auntie unfortunately blamed her and refused to believe her claims. My grandparents refused to take my mother back home and forced her to stay as a second wife.

My uncle took advantage of her and slept with her several times and my auntie also maltreated her until she ran away from the house in her 8th month of pregnancy. Mum is the simple type of person, very reserved and quiet that they all took advantage.

We didn’t go to KG until we were 8 years old. We were living in the village with her then when she got a job as a cleaner in the NGO. She begged them to use her pay to put us in a school. Her pay was small but the founder wanted twins and so she agreed.

My mum worked with that NGO for 5 years and was never paid but she did her best by farming to give us food and giving some to a tailor as barter for clothes. We started helping her to sell and used that to pay our fees after the NGO collapsed.

Fast forward to when we finished SHS, she sold her cloths to pay for our admission. Though she didn’t have much, this woman did everything to help us, she cleaned in a hotel, farmed, sold food stuffs and roasted corn just to help us. My brother and I also sold items on campus to add to what she sent.

We finished and getting a job was difficult after NHS but after 3 years I got a job and through that too my brother the chance to travel outside but comes down often. She wasn’t telling anyone in the family about us because we all realized her family didn’t have good minds towards us. I got married at the court, my brother did same, no external family involvement.

Our grandmother died 3 years ago and we told mum to let us take care of her contribution. We drove mum to the one week celebration and we left.

When they mentioned the budget involved, she called to inform us so we told her that we’ll pay for everything. Which we did and gave our grandma a befitting burial. It was then all our relatives started calling mum to congratulate and thank her for how her kids were helping the family.

Her elder sister was the first person to call her and thank her. After the funeral, that’s when they called my mother to a meeting. My auntie and some of the other family members asked my mother why she didn’t tell anyone we are the children of her husband.

They told her she’s being wicked in hiding us from her father and that they even saw me wearing a ring which means I’m married without my father’s consent. When mum called me, she was crying and so bitter at how they spoke to her.

My auntie called her and asked for my number. I told mum to go ahead. She called and asked me to inform my brother to come for a family meeting. We went there with a friend of ours who is a police man wearing uniform.

We told our sperm donor that if he wanted to claim us, he will have to confess to raping our mother. We can only acknowledge and take care of him like we’ll take care of the man we will call a dad if he kneels and apologizes to our mother. Because of greed, this man begged his wife to forgive him for lying about the rape before begging mum.

Auntie Abena it’s a long story and I wouldn’t want to bore you but we rejected him after everything he did. We have always been there. If he’d wanted us, he could have looked for us years ago.

What I’m happy is that finally everyone believes my mum that she was raped by her brother in-law. The most tragic thing is she’s 53 and has slept with only him. Please if there’s a Manofan above 55 and ready to settle down, we’re ready to call him a father ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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Written by Abena Magis


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