Weird Way of Showing Love


I read about the woman who likes her husband to clean her anus for her after shitting and read the comments under it. I think a lot of the fans don’t get it. I think everyone has their weird preference on how they want their partners to show them love.

My husband for instance sleeps with my nipple in his mouth. It was uncomfortable from the beginning and took months to get used to it but, I had to compromise when I realized having his prick inside me was the cure to my insomnia. He’ll wait till I’m asleep and free himself but my nipple will be stuck in his mouth.

I’m now 6 months pregnant and already having the conversation with him on what he’ll do when I put to bed and start breastfeeding.

Though he’s not really happy about it, I’ve been encouraging him to cope with it because the baby will come first until I wean him or her. Also, love is about doing what your partner likes or prefers so long as it doesn’t harm you or harm your partner. However I understand that if you can’t compromise, you shouldn’t force it.

I read here last year about the guy whose girlfriend also likes his prick inside her when he’s done making love to her. That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone. It’s his prick I want. I no kill person.

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Written by Abena Magis


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