Will You Have Sex to Stop the Pain?


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True story

Imagine you are a young and single Christian woman who suffers from an illness that causes you excruciating pain every month: dysmenorrhoea (severe menstrual pain). When that happens, you’re not able to function. You can’t do anything for days!

It has become so bad that pain killers (both pills and injections) don’t work on you anymore but you know one other thing that can work but you’re not supposed to access it now: SEX! No be rumours oh. You have tested and tried this before you became a serious Christian and you know for a fact that it works.

For years, you have prayed but it’s just as though God no dey hear you.

You’re not married and you want to honour God with your body but this sickness too no dey hear word. You have tried every treatment possible, done x-rays, hormonal treatments to stop the menses for a while because you also bleed heavily and this causes you to suffer from chronic anaemia, which is another huge wahala.

So no matter the treatments, they’re just not working.
There’s no prospective husband in view either. You have tried the relationships too saa, enko yiee. You’re singularly single and don’t even want to try relationships again because you’ve been hurt over and over again so you’ve decided that relationships are not for you and marriage is not worth it.

Would you get yourself a friend with benefits so he can help you whenever the need arises or will you hold on to your integrity and still honour God in spite of the excruciating pain you’re always going through?

This question is mainly addressed to the Christian community but please feel free to offer your perspective.

Anonymous story originally from a podcast called Riding the Waves with Lady Cee and published by Constante Gakpo.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Please my sister it is only Jesus Christ who God sent to go through pain for us not you please advise your self now and stop this pain cos I’m sure God himself is not happy with what you are going through thank you.

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