Women Leave Me Because of Too Much Sex


I really appreciate the good work you are doing. It’s no small feat.

I’m a young energetic man and I think I have a problem I need addressing or it’s because all the women I have dated state it to be. As I write to you, I am single all because of how I have sex and how much I love it. I have had women call me a ‘horse’ but later still come back begging.

The thing is, I’m only satisfied with sex when I have had 8 rounds of it but most women I date cannot go that long. The most they give me is 5 rounds. The first round being 15 mins and the rest 30 mins to 1 hour.

I made this known to my last girlfriend and she said she was okay with it. She was able to go the distance with me (8 rounds). Then the next day, she called to tell me her menses which was to come on the 25th of that month came earlier than expected (12th) and blamed the 8 rounds of sex for it. Even though she said she really enjoyed it.

She has called off the relationship and insisted that I should seek help. I thought there was nothing wrong with me and that all I needed was someone who loves sex as much as I do.

Now the issue has got me thinking to know if I’m a sex addict or just a normal guy with a high libido.

Do I need to see a specialist? Please MANOFANS, help a bro.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. There nothing wrong with you Bro. You will surely meet someone that will be able to endure your sexual prowess. Don’t be despaired.

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