Five Minutes Heartbreak

My girlfriend is a caterer. She recently started her own small business after all attempts to land a new job proved futile. Acting as a good boyfriend, I decided to invest in her business apart from giving her support and encouragement. There are days where she needs a helping hand and I jump into the kitchen with her to help her out. I must say she is good. Her dishes are simply delicious and she also makes sure to stock my fridge from time to time. Our relationship has been smooth so far but not without the ups and downs that couples in relationships experience.

One rough time that we had is something that was both funny and nerve-wracking. I had been in two relationships before this current one. In the first relationship, the lady broke up with me. In the second, it was an amicable parting so I guess I never experienced anything like a heartbreak. When my friends talked about their experience or were experiencing one, I would laugh at them and tease them to man up. Kojo, one of my friends used to tell me, “My man, relax. The fact that you haven’t experienced it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, probably you haven’t really felt the emotion called love yet”

I would just laugh and refer him to my two previous break ups. I would defend my case and argue that I suffered heartbreaks in those two instances. Also, I would tell him I just decided to put it behind me and move on. Then he would reply, “Love no ketch you before” Indeed, probably he was right. Love hadn’t caught me until my current relationship. I was everything she claimed she wanted and so was she for me. We had both invested a lot into the relationship and were happy with where we were headed.

One Saturday morning, I woke up to several missed calls from my girlfriend. I was alarmed. The previous week she had been acting all weird. Distancing herself from me, not picking my calls or telling me she’d call me back; which she never did. She was doing all sorts of things that put me off. I tried talking to her about it but she snapped at me and told me she wasn’t in the mood to talk. So I left her and told her to call me when was she was ready to talk. My girlfriend hardly calls me more than thrice and so seeing over 5 missed calls from her set me off.

I tried calling her on Whatsapp but she didn’t pick. I checked her last seen and it was of the previous day around 8:00pm. Weird. Then I decided to go through people’s statuses. I saw hers and my heart jumped. The first one was a statement, “Broken heart is not a joke” with the broken heart emojis. The second was, “E don happen, E don do. There are levels to this broken heart thing” Then the last one was, “Ow God, not again!!!!!” Herh, my heart begun beating fast. I tried calling her again but there was no response.

Immediately I felt hot although there is AC in my room. My head begun to pound. I tried sitting down but I felt dizzy. I tried to make sense of the whole status but I couldn’t even think. Then I called Kojo to come over.  When he saw me, he started laughing hysterically. “Bro, she break your heart?” I began crying. I showed him the status and sunk to the floor.  I explained everything that had happened the previous week to him. He couldn’t shut up, he laughed till there were tears in his eyes. “So ibi you wey woman reduce you like that? It was then that I started to understand all that my friends had been telling me about broken heart.

Written by Esther

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