He Ruined The Wedding.

Most married couples look back at their wedding day and remember fondly how they exchanged their vows. They remember how they cut the cake and how shy they were to have their first kiss or their first dance as a couple. Most importantly, they remember how beautiful the whole occasion was and how in love they were with each other. At least they had the love intact from the start. I can’t say the same about my wedding day. All thanks to one vengeful ex.

My wedding begun beautifully, we had just exchanged vows when I saw his face in the crowd. I was shy so my husband chose to embrace me instead. We were still hugging when I saw his face. My smile vanished immediately. When my husband saw my face after the hug, he must have mistaken it for a different feeling. For the rest of the ceremony, I plastered a smile on my face and tried to forget him. What harm could he do now that I was forever yoked with the love of my life?

He was my third ex. We had had a great relationship except for one thing. His inability to keep a job. He would get a job today, tomorrow he would be back home. Initially I hadn’t been worried but as time passed I began to worry. How were we going to be together and start a family on my salary alone? I mean I had a decent salary but it wouldn’t be enough for us both, not to talk about when kids came in.

 When I tried to talk to him about it, it would turn into a fight. To be honest, I had a sharp tongue back then, I would get so annoyed I would say hurtful things to him. He would also say mean things right back and then we would tell ourselves we were done. You know how you are so optimistic about situations and people when you are in love? We would always come back together. Then a day came that I told myself I was done. He thought I was joking but a week passed, two weeks, and then a month without getting in touch or anything. He finally got the message.

He started telling our mutual friends that I left him because he had no money. A friend of his saw me in town and during our conversation he got to know the whole truth. Then he told me something I brushed off, “Just make sure he never hears about your wedding, he keeps talking about how he’ll dirty you” I laughed and assured his friend he himself wouldn’t even hear a sound.

So that day when I saw him I knew I was in trouble. After we had signed the marriage certificate, he tried to cause a scene but luckily the male ushers led him out. I breathed a sigh of relief and I was happy he had been taken care of. Something kept pushing me to tell my husband about it there and then but I convinced myself that he wouldn’t come back after the embarrassment he had put himself through.

At the reception, right after we had our first dance, my ex popped up again; like a stubborn pimple. He struggled to get in at three different times at three different entry points but wasn’t allowed. My husband’s best man was the one called to resolve it and being a calm person he allowed him to come in. When I saw him I knew I was “dead”. My husband had been called to see to something so I rushed to find him.

It was too late. My ex was drunk silly. I don’t know how he managed to grab a mic from the DJ. Just when I found my husband, He started to speak. I told my husband I needed to speak to him but my ex laughed and called for attention. The whole wedding party was now in his power. He spewed obscenities about me, said evil, vile things about my husband’s family. A family he had never met or knew from anywhere.

My husband stared at me with anger and humiliation. We were now the centre of attention. We were close to one door leading to a room where we were supposed to change for our second entrance. I was whispering, “Dearie you know me, Please let me tell you what really happened”

He shook my arm harshly and stormed outside. Mercy fell on us. A lot of guys rushed on my ex. Some dragged him out and one took the mic from him as he tried to say more hurtful things. The MC was a good one, He took people’s mind off the whole fiasco. People were understanding but slowly some left. My family and my husband’s family came to look for us. They found me and sent me into the dressing room. My father-in-law went to look for his son. Both families criticized me for some time.

“How could you have been with such an evil man?” “Your tongue must have withered him” “Should our son still stay with you?” I cried my eyes out. My aunties sent everyone out leaving only my mother and my mother-in-law. I explained everything to them. They finally understood but my mother felt I had disgraced the family and the new family I was entering. She didn’t want to sit by me. It was my mother-in-law who sat by me and rocked me as I cried. We all looked up as my Father-in-law entered with my husband.

They left to allow us to talk. I couldn’t even look at him. My face was a mess, with snot running out of my nose. When I raised my head to look at him, he begun laughing although he was hurt. He said, “You should see yourself right now” He brought out his phone and took a picture. I cried some more. He gently placed my head on his shoulder and we sat like that for about half an hour until there was a knock that we were needed for our second appearance.

The second entrance? that is a whole other story. Every marriage has its ups and downs. Ours had already started with an up which shot past the skies. It’s been over two years now. We’re still working through what happened on our big day. I know one day we’ll get over it but for now my husband is content with our blessing that is about to drop. We’re having twins.

Written by Esther

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