In this life, when things aren’t going your way, you need to sit down and do a lot of thinking. If you need answers or a solution to a problem, don’t only pray. Sit down and think a lot. Something will come up then plan and execute it. My relationship was fairly new, nine months along but I was slowly losing interest. Ask me why? Hmmm, my boyfriend is a kind and generous soul but the sex? Ei! This guy doesn’t appear as someone who is so into sex but that was my reality.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my boyfriend, and our life under the sheets was great but it was too much. It got to a point it was our daily bread in the relationship. There wasn’t communication, no dates or outings, no future plans, not even fights only the “do”. I was worried. Surely a relationship wasn’t only about jumping bones. He claimed he loved me and wanted only me, I believed him.

He is a “one man, one woman” kind of person and always showed it in the beginning of the relationship. I sat him down on two different occasions to let him know how this was affecting me and how unhealthy it was for our relationship. He laughed and told me we were still getting to know each other and so there was nothing to be worried about. Then I asked him,

“Baby, do you know how much pampers cost? Are you ready and willing to be buying pampers and Cerelac before planning a wedding, because my parents won’t allow you to go scot free should I get pregnant ooh” He laughed and patted my shoulder, “Ah, don’t you trust me? When children come we will accept them. I’ll come and see your family before you start showing so we get married”

I looked at him and laughed. I asked him again. “Baby, are you sure?” He replied, “Oh, don’t you trust me? I smiled coyly but in my head he was about to be put to the test. A month after we had that conversation, I went to see him. I went prepared for him that day. After we were done, he smiled at me and stroked my hair saying, “Ei today you were on fire ooh”

Then I looked at him from the corner of my eye and replied, “You never disappoint. I had to up my game today”. That day, I don’t know what came over my boyfriend. He was caring than ever, asking questions and sharing ideas. I laughed at him in my head. He ordered food for us and we ate. When it was getting late, I told him I had to leave. He wanted to have another round before I left. I wanted to leave ooh, but sadly even though the spirit was willing, the body was weak!!

When he asked for another match, I told him we needed to schedule for a rematch. He said that was fine and hugged me before I left. Even the hugging alone was like…..

So, three weeks later, we were texting each other from our homes. We were discussing how the economy was unfavorable. My boyfriend begun complaining about his salary not being enough and he needing a new job. As a good girlfriend, I was being comforting, encouraging and sweet. Before I could say “Jack”, my boyfriend changed the conversation. He was telling me about how he was stressed and needed some “us” time. He mentioned how our last session had being on fire. Then he asked, “When is our rematch?” I was enjoying the conversation but I told myself, “It’s now or never”

Written by Esther

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