She Would Want Her Story To Be Told.

One of my aunties passed away last week. Amongst all the sisters, she was the life of the party. She knew how to have a good time and she made sure we all got “infected” with this attitude. She was a talkative that was for sure. She could get carried away and talk saa. Well, we aren’t perfect, are we? One fond memory I have of her is when she shared her honeymoon experience with us. Her daughter was about to get married and we were preparing for the big day. My aunt was over the moon. There was excitement in her voice, in her actions and she was all over the place. She was that pumped.

So, we were in her house. The other aunties, including my mom and the mother-in-law were in town. They were shopping for some cloths we all could use. I, my sisters and a few friends of my cousin were asked to go to my aunt’s house. We were going through some bridal ideas for my cousin. My aunt sat in the couch whilst we were relaxed on the floor, including her daughter. The atmosphere was charged. Talking excitedly, we would pass our phones with pictures of dresses we liked, makeup we preferred or the hairstyle we thought would look great on us.

My aunt sighed and said, “Ahhh, this reminds me of the good old days….” When she starts this way, then you know she is about to hit you with another interesting story from the past. I looked at her and smiled. Then she asked me, “Sena, do you have a boyfriend?”

I shyly responded that “No”. She went on to ask all of us gathered. Some said yes, others said no. Then, looking at her daughter she asked, “Madam, as for you, your question is different. Have you guys done it already? The room was silent as we waited for her response, “No, not yet. But we do kiss from time to time”

She chuckled and said, “I trust you. But when you start everything from kissing, on your wedding day, it is nice oooh” We all went like, “Eeei, Aunty Lucyyyy!”

“Oh yes” she continued. “You see, it builds up to the moment. The anticipation, the feeling of having waited for it and how it actually feels to have a go at it for the first time” She cleared her throat and said, “See, let me share my story with you”:

When I was getting married to my husband, I was naïve but not that naïve. I had read a lot on the subject and was waiting for the time I could start practicing it. Even to kiss him, I didn’t try. The farthest I could go was to give him pecks. The funny thing was how I would talk about sex, kissing and the rest. On the wedding day, when the priest said, “You may kiss the bride” Ei, my heart. I was shaking and shy. Everyone was watching me. I mustered courage and kissed him back. The feeling was heavenly. Ei, what a foretaste of what was to come.

On the wedding night, I was scared oooh. Hmmm, all my boasting vanished. My husband teased me about it, even up till now, he does.  It was a struggle, he would try and I would clam up like a fish. We gave up for that night. This happened for the next three days. My husband was slowly losing patience. “Madam, after all your boasting and your claimed readiness for action no, where did it pass?”

I was shy. I couldn’t even look up at him. On the last day of the honeymoon, I decided to relax and let myself go. Herh, I can say I was taken to heaven. I wondered why all those nights ago I hadn’t allowed myself to let go. It was more than fantastic.

At this point, we were laughing uncontrollably due to how she was narrating the story, accompanied by her actions.

“Oh yes, I believe it pays to wait” She continued. It is the best feeling ever. But if you start before the referee blows his whistle, you are only destroying what it was intended for. Don’t rush. Let the right thing be done first. And if you are here and you have started, please turn over a new leaf. Ami, my daughter, I have known you all your life, I know you are telling me the truth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

At this we all started teasing Ami as she smiled shyly. We talked with her about other mattes as she shared her experiences but as for that story about her first, I won’t ever forget it. Especially when she said, “Herh, I can say I was taken to heaven”

Written by Esther

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