Worried Lady – Is My Vagina Too Big?

A lady asked me this question inbox: is my vagina too big?

She went on further to ask how women get to know if their vaginas are tight, loose, big or small.

It is a question of great concern because so many ladies don’t know this and even when they search for answers online, get too confused at the varied responses. Let me try to break it down as much as possible.


Is Your Vagina Normal?

Note this: no two vaginas are the same so don’t compare yours to any other woman’s. Yours is unique just as theirs is.

Vaginas vary in shape, size and color. Some vaginas are small and egg-shaped, others are quite large like a cylinder and can either be very light in color or very deep red. It is also very elastic. No matter the size of a man’s penis or how big a baby’s head is, the vagina can stretch to accommodate it and then retract back to its original size.

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Is Your Vagina Too Small?

Some vaginas are naturally very small. However, some underlying conditions can make it super tight.

  1. It could be psychological due to a fear of sex, the size of your man’s penis or any other which affects the lady’s “wet” abilities.
  2. It could be from a bad yeast infection.
  3. Vaginismus, is a condition that causes the vagina muscles to contract. This can it very difficult or mostly impossible to have sex. Some women are unable to even a tampon or just a finger. This is a treatable condition which affects 1 in every 500 women. Treatment is usually through physical therapy. Counseling can also help those whose vagina muscles contract due to fear of sex.
  4. There is also another condition known as vulvodynia which is having pain, sensitivity, feeling a stinging sensation or pain from direct touch or penetration.

If you experience any of these underlying pain during penetration, consult a gynae.

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Is Your Vagina Too Big?

Let me get this out of the way: the vagina is incredibly elastic so, it always returns to its usual tightness after sex. It doesn’t matter the size of the penis, a vagina can regain it’s previous size.

There are however some conditions which can make your vagina big.

  1. After giving birth, your pelvic floor muscles could become very weak so imagine what happens after giving birth to two or more kids? Doing kegels can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and make your vagina tighter. Kegels also helps you to know how to contract your muscles around a penis for an extra tighter feel. Some ladies even know how to massage a penis using their pelvic muscles.
  2. A urinary tract infection can make your vagina watery. It’s good to get wet since the vagina’s natural way of making it easier for a penis to slip in and out for a period of time but becoming overly wet makes your vagina seem too lose. Note that some women naturally become overly wet so it’s best to test if you have an infection to know if you naturally turn on the tap or an infection is doing it for you.
  3. Tenting can make your vagina appear loose. Tenting is when the vagina doubles in size during arousal. It’s effective in enabling sperm to travel up into the cervix more easily
  4. This isn’t a condition but a high possibility. The penis of your guy might be too small. No further comments 🙂




Written by Abena Magis


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