Adwoa Acapulco 3

Recap: Adwoa Acapulco 2

When You’re Sacrificing For Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You!

This experience with Adwoa Acapulco was quite interesting. A relationship I presumed would be promising ended abruptly. I was just a game for her; a prey for munching. My hopes were shattered and emotional investments taken for granted.

My daily time-table began to shift towards hers. I began to adjust my world around my new found love. I wanted to do it right. I was not in a hurry to cuddle or get laid. The focus was on building the ship first before the relations(relation-ship).🤣😂 She didn’t notice it.

Maybe she didn’t like good Chrife boys or I wasn’t just good enough. We could have made the cast for Bonnie and Clyde or Romeo and Juliet sweethearts. I fell in love at a time Adwoa Acapulco wanted to play men like a chess game. I didn’t think she was evil, I just felt she was inconsiderate.

Sometimes we hurt those with genuine intentions to treat us right because we were hurt by some others. It is a fact! We all cannot be loved the way we want. Many end up emotionally shattered and drown in an ocean of unworthiness due to this truth. Yes! How can a lion love an antelope when all it sees is another meal? 😂🤣

Actually, Adwoa Acapulco was cutting me into sizes she could consume and dung afterwards. She did it without remorse. Love can make you lose your focus, reasoning power and more dangerously yourself. Getting intimate early in relationships works for some people and for others it is the reasons they get jilted. How do I know?

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The sudden changes in Adwoa Acapulco’s behaviour gave me a cue to put my journalistic lenses on her. I began to reflect and interrogate every single thing she told me in our conversations. That’s how I realised I had been lied to.

First of all, my best friend Kwesi Korea was no longer going home with us. When I tried to find out why, she was quick to tell me he liked depending on her to pay whenever they took public transport. So when I came into the picture he couldn’t cope anymore. “Oh really?” I decided to find out myself because I know Kwesi Korea is employed.

A conversation with Kwesi Korea on his sudden change towards our friendship clique revealed deeper things. Apparently, Adwoa Acapulco was kissing my best friend Kwesi Korea every evening when he escorted her home. Awurade mewu! 🥶 (God I’m dead)

They stayed in two separate towns in Accra but Kwesi Korea would use her route to get to his. I couldn’t show my pain. This was my Adwoa Acapulco he was talking about ooo. I had to be professional to get more answers. He continued that when I became friends with them, she changed towards him. So, to keep his image intact, man had to excuse himself.

Apparently, he proposed but was put on hold; he was told to wait. He also revealed how he paid transportation fares often for her and other things including assisting her with some academic courses. He actually said one time after he walked her home, she willingly kissed him.

He assumed it was a way of saying yes to his proposal without words. So he also took over after a few days. Therefore they had a mutual deep kissing agreement. I guess it was compensation for his investments. Wow! The farthest I had gone with her was holding her hands. Fear some women! 😂🤣😂

I didn’t believe entirely but laid low with my investigations. As a wordsmith and journalist, I have a weird retentive memory. I can replay conversations word for word in my mind like my rhymes. I had to delve deeper and then I also found out Adwoa Acapulco lied about the other guy who dropped her with his car often. Everything began to take form in my mind but my heart kept drifting me from the facts.

Your emotions can make you love a liar, thief, murderer, rapist and kidnapper even when your mind is telling you let go. 😂🤣😂🤣

To be continued…

Don’t always believe what s/he tells you in relationships. Be attentive and ask a lot of questions in conversations. Don’t take the brooding periods of the relationship for granted; that is where all truths and lies begin.

Know the relationship history or experiences of your partner it would help you understand why they behave in a certain way. Your honesty and generosity won’t change a partner who is on an agenda to hurt you. Love is a realm for lovers not those in search for a fix.

Author: Chosen YesuBa

Written by Abena Magis


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