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What is the one thing you did out of love especially for someone who didn’t deserve it?

Arguably, it is quite entertaining and relieving when you confidently share your life story after going through some dark or painful experience. We all have a story to tell someday. The point though is, some may never be able to share their stories because it is sometimes difficult to replay the experiences in thought. Others become victims of their past because they are unable to let go of the pain. We have all had our fair share of some form of trouble and mine was with Adwoa Acapulco. Let’s continue from where we ended.

Let’s establish that Adwoa Acapulco’s little secret kissing routines with my best friend Kwesi Korea happened before I proposed to her. I intuitively arrived at that conclusion because of one or two things I found out later during my investigations.

However, it did not justify her actions. You cannot kiss two best friends and expect them to see you as an Angel in such circumstances. How mine happened?

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Many weeks passed and all my focus was on Adwoa Acapulco’s welfare. I was trying to do my best for her in any way possible. One time she invited me to one of her friend’s, Daavi’s, apartment where we hanged out and had all the interesting conversations. It was fun. We visited her a couple of times.

During one of such visits, Daavi took me outside her apartment and asked me why I hadn’t attempted to kiss Adwoa Acapulco. I asked if it’s necessary and she replied it is in a woman’s world. That was the first and last time I kissed Adwoa Acapulco.

One of the most painful thing to experience in life is loving someone and sacrificing for them. Especially when they see otherwise and would not love you back the same way. We are all not meant to be together. This is what I perceived in the case of Adwoa Acapulco.

I continued investigating her anyway. She would go out with other people and before she posts the videos on her whatsapp, she’d block me so I don’t see it. Baba Alhassan was always quick to give me heads up. God in his own way was communicating to me in diverse ways.

All other guys who tried to date Adwoa Acapulco who were good looking and promising were either used or turned down. How do I know? Well, I joined some of these boys with Baba Alhassan to a poolside to refresh. At the coded location, most of these boys began to drink some expensive alcoholic drinks.

Baba Alhassan and I were the odd ones there who did not drink. It was all fun until boys started a conversation on their experiences with some ladies. 5 out of the many guys shared their bad experiences with Adwoa Acapulco.

Oblivious to the fact that I’m the new guy in her web. I smiled, giggled and laughed along as they described her with derogatory tags. Some even shared their evil plans and wishes against her. It was a revealing moment for me. Even though I appeared excited on the outward, I was literally experiencing an internal bleeding.

There was a sharp acute pain in my heart anytime someone said something against her. I kept asking myself how I got entangled in such a web. This feeling began to tear down the emotional walls of love I had built for her. I began losing interest. But, I didn’t stop investigating.

I later found out her secret affairs with the guy that often dropped her at home. A lady closer to his friendship circles fed me with good information. Walls have ears; know what to say and when to say it. I gathered enough facts to put my doubts to rest.

Interestingly, my heart wouldn’t let her go, but my mind had already ended the relationship. Overcoming my emotions wasn’t going to be easy. I still gave her the benefit of the doubt until one-day she showed me another side of her.

One time I decided to pay her a visit at her residence. I hadn’t seen her in 2 days and she was not replying my messages too. Taking an Uber, I moved from Adabraka to Haatso. On the way, I began texting her and she replied finally. I didn’t inform her that I was visiting. It was when I got to her gate that I called.

When she picked up, I told her I was at her gate. Immediately her tone changed. She asked why I did not inform her before coming? In my mind, I was surprising my love with a visit. You wouldn’t believe what Adwoa Acapulco told me next on the phone.

To be continued…

Lesson: You are the first cause of the things you suffer because you allow your emotions to cloud your reasoning power. Don’t take any sign of mistrust or betrayal from your partner for granted. The feeling of love for another is not enough, you need a good balance with your reasoning power.

Monkeys play by sizes, don’t condescend for love or stretch yourself overly to a pedestal higher than you to love. It normally ends in tears. Know God to know yourself, find the right partner for you and live happily ever after.

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Written by Abena Magis


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